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Department of Art / People / Faculty / Chad Eby

Chad Eby


Office: Facility for Arts Research

Artwork Link:

Area(s) of Teaching:

New Media, Sound, Digital 3D, Design


University of Maryland Baltimore County, IMDA.


"My approach is suburban, provisional, and recursive. I grew up in small-town Oklahoma amidst oil fields, wheat fields, dry cleaners, and bicycle shops. I've lived most of my life in subdivisions and am deeply imprinted by the grid. I value processes that rely on chance, chaos, and the willful misuse of technology."

With a background in contemporary theory and design, Chad has recently begun exploring collisions at the intersection of art and technology. Working with sound synthesis, wireless interactivity, 3D rapid prototyping, spatialized audio and satellite imagery, Chad pursues questions of chance, scale, translation, and mapping.