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Department of Art / People / Faculty / Gail Rubini

Gail Rubini


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Graphic Design 2: Typography, Design Problems, Design Issues and Advanced Projects, European Graphic and New Media Design


I have been at FSU for over 18 years. I was Chair of the Art Department for my first six years and moved into the classroom teaching design courses since 1995 — and I love it. I feel that designers are an integral part of our lives, and expanding use of design has come to dominate public space. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach students design and I have seen many of them become successful professionals in the field.

Before coming to FSU, I had worked for many years in New York City with professionals as clients, in workshops, seminars and conferences. I brought to FSU my experience and a commitment to the relationship of designers to the world and how maintaining that relationship is a continuous learning process. In my teaching, I encourage students to adapt information into a way of seeing and to develop an approach that leads them to understand our rapidly changing society. It’s inspiring to me to see students develop a method for solving problems, to think critically and to develop a personal visual style of design. It’s the fundamental direction that I try to take each class—then the students do the rest.