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Department of Art / People / Faculty / Holly Hanessian

Holly Hanessian


Office: FAB 413

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Area(s) of Teaching:

All levels of Ceramics


University of Georgia


Luck, Choice and Chance Interactions

The element of chance conception has dominated my art
practice for over a decade. Initially the focus was a
narrative exploring differences of when gender is formed
during conception. The work I created from 2000 through
2005 explored ideas of fecundity and progeny influenced by
cultures using human anatomy to imply ideas about luck or
misfortune. I abstracted female and male body parts and
introduced other symbolic objects in combination with
handmade ceramic chain link introducing the idea of fragility
into the narrative.

My new work incorporates text and recognizable symbols
with concepts based on fate, luck, choice and chance
interactions. These works address concepts resulting from
biological interactions, interventions and the simultaneous
gambles undertaken in either event. The ultimate chance
experience is the formation of human life, specifically the
moment of conception. The result is the most profound
chance interactions- the genetic determination of human

The Human Genome Project has research data on
personality traits, disorders and future health catastrophes
found from DNA testing. My interest lies in examining the
seemingly chance events that take place in life and pairing
them with information encoded in our bodies. There are
highly organized systems existing in our biological make-up,
yet randomness to the physical world. By pairing these
worlds together, I want to observe the predictable and
accidental yielding indescribable patterns of beauty and