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Department of Art / People / Faculty / Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart


Office: FAB 414

Artwork Link:

Area(s) of Teaching:

Foundations courses (2D, 3D and Time Design; Drawing), Printmaking, Bookarts


Indiana University-Bloomington


My artwork deals with cyclical conceptions of time, memory and knowledge.

Learning Series, an installation of twelve 82x42" mixed medium drawings, is the most extensive result to date. Recurrent images of train stations, clocks, ocean, boundaries, and gates suggest the connections between memory and knowledge described by Socrates in the Plato’s dialogues. Twelve drawings are shown on four walls, surrounding the viewer with a series of triptychs, each consisting of three titles: Learning to Sink, Learning to Swim, Learning to Breathe. As the viewer scans the room, the repeated titles create a cycle of death, transition and renewal.